I dabble, I experiment, I begin, I make empty promises, I kid myself, I skirt issues, I mean well….I quite often succeed and accomplish and conclude.  Truly, I’m just content with my life and never want to stop learning or trying new things.  I embrace my dilettantistica-ness.

In case you’d like to know more, here are 100 facts about myself.  Don’t feel like you have to read all 100–maybe just read, say, numbers 14, 79, 3, and 31.  Or maybe read your lotto numbers.  It’s your call–oh but if you do read all 100 it will send some reeeeally good juju out into the universe.

1.)   I’m six feet tall.  It is the first question anyone asks me ALWAYS, so I might as well state it first here as well.

2.)    I’m tall because I’m half Lithuanian.  Lithuanians are among the tallest people in the world <—Fact of the Day, you’re welcome.

3.)    I desire to learn Lithuanian.  My other half is German, which I can speak a bit of.

4.)    When I just said “other half” I was still referring to myself.  I’m an unmarried woman  (but I have a rockin’ boyfriend).

5.)    I am really good at crossword puzzles.  I do them in pen, which the only real way to do a crossword puzzle.

6.)    In addition to crossword puzzles, I like many other things that old people tend to like, such as soup and ginger ale.

7.)    I collect vintage aprons.  Don’t do a whole lot of cooking.

8.)   Creme soda Dum Dums are my favorite.  If they have them at the bank, I always take one.

9.)   I really want a Mandolin and a Glockenspiel.

10.)   I capitalize Things I Find Important.

11.)   I have a really special shepherd/boxer mix.  Her name is Elka.

12.)   My alias, should I ever need one, will be Clarissa Hardwick.

13.)   I fell down a well once.  (I was fine–no Baby Jessica Situation.)

14.)   I went to France last year.  A little dormant piece of my soul turned on.

15.)   My eyes are green and one of them has a little brown stripe in it that I adore.

16.)   I usually have at least one bruise on me somewhere.  I have my mother to blame for my klutziness.

17.)  I also blame my mother for my poor circulation.

18.)   Otherwise I think she gave me fantastic genes.

19.)   One day I’d like to wear a lifeguard outfit and walk around blowing my whistle at people and saying “Hey you! Out of the gene pool!”  Then I’d just walk away to let it sink in.

20.)   Continental breakfasts rock.

21.)   I drive a white Honda Civic named Georgette Francois.

22.)  At first her name was Gracie, but it just didn’t stick.

23.)   I drink a gin martini, slightly dirty, with no actual olives.  If there are olives, it is preferred that they be bleu cheese-stuffed.

24.)  Voracious reader.

25.)  I don’t just say “I don’t know, google it.”–I live it.

26.)   My parents divorced when I was two, and both remarried five years later.  All is right in my world.

27.)  Anne Hathaway would play me in the Movie of My Life.

28.)  I’m an art historian (with a job in my field!).

29.)   I work with the regional art of Northeastern Ohio.

30.)   In general I specialize in early 20th century American Art.

31.)   At one point I thought about specializing in 19th century Russian Art.  It was the whole “learning Russian” thing that turned me off.

32.)   I try to be green.

33.)   In second grade I co-founded “The Environmental Club” at Ida A. Weller Elementary.

34.)   I am currently OBSESSED with geography.  I can name all 195 countries on a map.

35.)   I love, love, love to watch movies.  I know everyone says that “watching movies” is one of their interests, but I really mean it, Mister.

36.)   My Chinese order is either Veggie Lo Mein OR Orange Chicken with Fried Rice with Extra Egg and an Egg Roll.

37.)   My Chipotle order is a Veggie Burrito with both kinds of beans.  I know the pintos have meat in them–I’m not a vegetarian, I just want to score the free guacamole.

38.)   I love boots.

39.)   I also love fragrances.  Choosing a new fragrance is a much more pleasant experience for someone who is 6′ tall than is trying on pants.

40.)   I’m a happy beer drinker.  I love all kinds of beer and can be very snooty about it–but the staple in our house is (proudly) Pabst Blue Ribbon.

41.)   I just got my ears pierced four months ago.  I am 27.  The first time in third grade just did not work out.

42.)   I love the dangly earrings!

43.)   “Theology is anthropology.” -Ludwig Feuerbach

44.)   I yearn to discover my inner Martha Stewart.

45.)   I’m a lifelong Ohioan and new Clevelander.

46.)   I love Cleveland, I love Lake Erie, I love Northeastern Ohio.  I love the Midwest.

47.)   I have a million places yet to go.

48.)    When I was little I saved up money in a jar to buy a pet Sugar Glider, but I never got one.

49.)    I did the same thing with a Pot-Bellied Pig.

50.)    My first realized pet was a guinea pig I got in second grade: Skittles.

51.)    I hate it when people say “ATM Machine.”  You are saying “Automatic Teller Machine Machine,” you idiot.

52.)    I cannot get excited about Subway.  It’s sandwiches.

53.)    I can get excited about other fast food.  A little too excited.

54.)    101 Dalmatians is my favorite Disney movie.  I always preferred the ones about animals over princes/princesses.

55.)    I left for college believing I would become a veterinarian.

56.)    Working at a vet hospital was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

57.)    But I didn’t become a vet–I’m much happier as Art Girl.

58.)    If I go to someone’s house, and they have a dog, I really try and get it to like me better than any of the other guests.  I’m typically successful.

59.)    One must never embark on a Road Trip without a hefty supply of Twizzlers.

60.)    I love to watch old game shows.

61.)    I have a 37″ inseam. Gasp!

62.)    My first job was shelving books at the local library.  In the interview I was asked to put a cart of books in order according to the Dewey Decimal System.  The lady pulled out a stopwatch and timed me, weeeeeird.

63.)    My home decor identity is Vintage Modern.

64.)    I love voting!  I will always appreciate the privilege of voting.  But I also go for the sticker.

65.)    Cheese is my favorite food.  What kind of cheese? Yes.

66.)    I always sit on the couch with a blanket.  It’s not about hot or cold, it’s about being cozy.

67.)   I like to do puzzles.  I will spend a whole day off working a puzzle.

68.)    I want to own all the Nancy Drew books–the shiny-yellow-binding-editions.

69.)    I wish I had more, and better hair.

70.)    Coffee is quite possibly The Greatest Thing in the World.

71.)    I have recently discovered the joy of Shopping at ALDI.

72.)    Dorothy is my favorite Golden Girl.

73.)    Grumpy is my favorite Dwarf.  I think he should have ended up with Snow White in the end.  He really loved her, and all the dwarves kept eternal vigil by her comatose side.  That fruity prince just showed up at the very end and whisked her away–that’s bullshit.

74.)    I’m with Coco.

75.)    My family calls “Barnes & Noble”  “Barney’s Elbows,” coined by my brother when he was little.  I think “Barney’s Elbows” is a way better name for a bookstore.  For any store.

76.)    I cannot juggle.

77.)    I nurse an unhealthy obsession with FarmVille.

78.)    I like to clean, but Organizing’s my favorite.

79.)    When I have children someday, the “family names” I simply must work in are Elizabeth and Margaret.

80.)    Ex-volleyball player.  Kinda of wish I wasn’t “ex”–maybe will change this.

81.)    I always paint my toenails some version of red.

82.)    I would love to live abroad for a year, but it feels like one of my most-far-away goals.

83.)    My elementary school crushes, in order, were:  Seth, Greg, Chris.

84.)   In middle school I pretty much just had eyes for Matt.

85.)    All of the above crushes were unrequited–Chris picked my best friend.

86.)    The first movie I ever saw in the theater was The Care Bears Movie (1985)- my Dad took me.

87.)    I like graveyards.  They are cool and chock-full of history.  I love history.

88.)    My favorite flower is Forget-Me-Nots.  My favorite flowers to receive in bouquet-form are tulips or daisies.

89.)    I-think-I-overuse-the-hyphen.

90.)    When I was little I thought boogers were finite.  If I just kept blowing my nose, I would eventually run out of them and be done with that nasty business.

91.)    Watching the news and reading the paper are “activities your parents do” that I never imagined I would enjoy so much.

92.)    I only drink milk out of plastic cups, never glasses.

93.)    Favorite Animals of Mine are:  elephants, wolves, and capybaras, among others.

94.)    Technically, I saved someone’s life once.  But hardly anybody knows about it, and it’s very hard to talk about.

95.)    My birthday is five days before Christmas and I really hate that.

96.)    I have a small art collection: you have to start somewhere.

97.)    I don’t believe in having just one set of Everyday Dishes–I plan to have at least five.

98.)    Pork is my favorite meat.  Beef, close second.

99.)    For my first Halloween, I was a Baton Twirler.

100.)    And a partridge in a pear tree.  I’m exhausted.

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  1. Uau! Tu é muito, mas MUITO gata. Pena estares tão longe, porque se te visse na rua, te cobriria de beijos! 😉

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