Room Redo: Bathroom

Bathroom: AFTER!

I think “redo” is putting it lightly….this was almost an entire gut job.  We began demo-ing the bathroom the day we got the keys to the house (with still a month before we were to move in).

“We’ll have this ready to go by the time we have to live here!”

HA.  HAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHA.  Silly new homeowners dumbasses.   Full disclosure: we *just* put the final touches on the bathroom, like two weeks ago.  Oh well.  It’s DONE and I think it’s gorgeous.  Also I admit I have posted a buttload of pictures, but I wanted to show each phase of our redo and log it for my own memories as well as sharing it with others 🙂


The toilet actually smelled fine. NO.

Care for a luxurious soak?

It all had to go...

I accidentally breathed on this sink and one of the legs fell off.

Pink plastic tiles on the walls. Ohlala!

Phew. Ok, you still with me? Let's get to the good stuff...


We pulled up two, count em, two layers of vinyl and then battled the glue on the floor. Endless glue scraping. We sought to save the original floor peeking out here, but past remodelers had cut out entire chunks of it and alas, it could not be rescued.

Oh fantastic, more glue to scrape off! Stinky glue. Ick.

It gets messier before it gets cleaner...

Tearing out the shower surround and walls in tub area.

Down to the studs

The tiling has begun...

Penny rounds for our floor


Remember to have plenty of refreshing beverages on hand for any renovation project.

We got the tub surround done first so we could clean ourselves. The rest of the bathroom remained empty for a few more months...

THE AFTER:  (Finally!)

Shower curtain: World Market, Rug: Kohl's, Fixtures: Bed, Bath & Beyond

Cabinet: Target, Nudie pics: Streets of Montmartre

Old inherited nightstand used for storage; Sink, toilet, light fixture, mirror all Home Depot

Russ saved the original register by grinding off the old paint and grime and repainting. I've never been in love with a heat register before, whodathunkit?

Tub tilework, not bad for do-it-yourselfers!

And here we are.  I love our bathroom.  I also, somehow, still love subway tile.  But if I never have to stick up another one of those 3″ x 6″ little suckers ever again in my life it will be TOO SOON.

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