Room Redo: Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom: After. TA-DA!

We marked our one year anniversary in the house at the beginning of April.  Things have come a long way since then, and while there is much to do (that will probably always be the case…) I’m so happy with how things have progressed.  This place needed a lot of love–“fixer upper” just scratches the surface.  When I went back to photos to find a “before” picture I was reminded of how dirty, grimy, neglected, dirty, and dirty the house when we first saw it.  Currently trying to re-forget all of that again.  *Shudder*

Guest Bedroom: Before. EW.

Fresh paint across the whole interior was the first big step in making this place livable again.  We didn’t need to purchase any furniture for the guest bedroom thanks to inheriting an old bedroom set from my parents and the dresser from Russ’s parents.  I repainted the dresser and added new knobs.  In came bedding, wall art, decor, and voila!

This green paint was the only color I was a little unsure of once it went up. Now that the room is decorated the color calms down--love it.

Bedding: Target, Curtains and lamp: World Market

Yes, I Put a Bird On It. More than once.

Refurbished dresser. Let me tell you how much fun I had removing kid stickers from the mirror courtesy of Russs little sister and her childhood. Okay, Ill spare you just this once.

New knobs for instant spunk! (World Market)

And pretty drawer liners. Smelly ones and everything!

Still need to paint and hang the mirror, and clean up the door that leads to a little balcony off the back of the house.

Elka would not get off the bed. Brat!!!

Dont let that cute mug fool you. She runs this place.


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2 responses to “Room Redo: Guest Bedroom

  1. Ashley Adams

    Cute Lo! I love the bedding

  2. Ashley Adams

    Cute Lo! I love the bedding.

    : )

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