For February

A few weeks ago the weatherman on the news announced that we were “at the halfway point of Winter.”  Now, I really did not need to know this.  You can let me know when we’ve got about two days left, Bucko.  It was terribly depressing.  Now everyone is all abuzz with the big storm coming our way, a painfully apropos way to ring in February.

Poor February.

I feel like February is one of the most under-appreciated months.  It must be hard to be so under-appreciated.  February is the yellow mustard of condiments, the orange of the color spectrum.  (I personally think March is a total drag, but that’s just me.)  In an attempt to cheer myself up and keep moving swiftly towards Spring, I’m going to find a few things that are absolutely fantastic about February.   Here goes.

1)  In just over a week I will be flying to Virginia Beach to spend a long weekend with my best girlfriends from college (VA Beach being where one of them now lives).  We scored deliciously cheap flights a few months ago and I’ve been anxiously waiting a little getaway ever since.  We are going to laugh, and gab, and laugh.  A lot.


2) February is International Friendship Month.  Now isn’t that nice?  Not just national, international = reach out to your friends all over the world!  Humans everywhere could already stand to be a lot nicer to one another, but a good place to start would be to reach out to some friends, new and old, and remind them that you think they are just terrific.  I plan to!

Maybe I should re-learn how to make these...

3) February means it’s time to eat these:

I heart these. Hah! I'm so funny.

And most importantly…..

4) THE OSCARS. February 27th.  I can hardly fucking wait!

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