Mall rats.

Russ and I had a great day today and I’m very grateful whenever we get good amounts of quality time strung together just having fun.    I spent my morning in jammies doing a crossword puzzle from yesterday’s paper while Russ was at class.  When he returned home we decided to go to the mall, to mall-walk.   Really, we were supposed to be scouting out potential Christmas gifts for our loved ones, but the first purchase I zoomed in on was a gooey, ranchy, cheesy sandwich from Charley’s.  (Although, one down side:  I got a new “Buy 7 Sandwiches and the 8th Sandwich is Free!” card, and then remembered the almost-completed-punched-up one was lost when some asshole stole my wallet and ditched it in a Taco Bell men’s room.  Ohwell, I start again.)

Then we began walking around.  Our first stop was the wacky pet store where they have a lemur in the front window, which is on Russ’s must-see list for this particular mall.  Unfortunately, within seconds I declared we had to leave when I looked up and saw Glenn Beck, Obama Sucks, etc. t-shirts stapled to the walls accompanied by a large poster declaring I was a “whiner” for having a problem with any of these t-shirts.  Whine, whine, I’m outta here.  Your lemur probably misses his real family in the wild, you dicks.

Get me out of here!!!

Things turned for the much better when we went into The Arcade!  By arcade, I mean an empty store someone filled up with quarter-a-turn games across from Le Nails.   I had a chance to show off my brilliant Skee-Ball skills, and Russ his mediocre ones.  We pooled our tickets so I could score a sweet fake mustache set and a oversized foam die.  I asked Russ if he wanted to don the mustaches right away, but he said no.  Maybe because he already has a real one of his own…

I so own at this game.

We decided not to have pretzels at the pretzel place.  I regret this.

Other fun stops included Brookstone, where I held fancy binoculars up to my eyes for like, 5 whole minutes waiting for Russ to turn and look at me looking at him.  I swear whenever I’m trying to be funny and want him to notice, his noticing skills simply vanish.   I skipped stopping in Aveda where they give you free hot tea and ask if there is anything in particular you’re looking for with warm smiles.  I also regret this.  Finally, we spent at least a half an hour in Williams-Sonoma and emerged with but a small jar of curing salts so Russ can make his own bacon.

We're big fans of cured meat in this house.

Now the day is done, Russ and dog are both upstairs in bed and I’m enjoying my last hours of freedom before my work week begins again tomorrow.  I’m watching On the Waterfront.  This movie will further serve to educate me as to the fact that Marlon Brando was once seen as hot (as did A Streetcar Named Desire). I also adore Eva Marie Saint, and I would totally use her name as my alias if she weren’t a famous person, and I didn’t already have an alias picked out.

Brando, 1954 aaaaaaaand Brando, 2000. Yeesh.

Oh!  We also took Elka to the vet for her yearly check-up.  She’s perfectly healthy and only peed on the floor in fear once.  We stopped and got her a doggy pastry on the way home.  Sleeping well tonight with my little family.

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