the avengers

I’ve started watching old episodes of The Avengers on Netflix.  I began with the 1967 season (during the Emma Peel years) because I really like Diana Rigg–and she is ultra-cool as Mrs. Peel.  The show is cheesy, but it may just be that I’m watching television made over 40 years ago–I especially like the fight scenes; someone will come at Peel with a gun and she always quickly karate chops it out of their hand…

I so die for this coat.

The real reason I am loving watching is that the costumes and the sets are an aesthetic dream.  Steed’s suits and hats are always impeccable, and Peel gets to don way fabulous mod dresses and catsuits.  I love the scenes in Peel’s apartment, which is the epitome of mod and chic.  If I were a wacky eccentric millionaire, I would totally have a room in my house that looked just like Peel’s apartment.  I’d make everyone drink champagne, talk in witty one-liners, and sit in plastic pod chairs hanging from the ceiling.

Making a modern art sculpture in your living room in a purple jumpsuit? Fabulous.

After I get through some more of the Steed/Peel episodes, I want to go back and watch the first seasons, featuring Steed/Gale.  Cathy Gale is played by Honor Blackman, famous for her role as Pussy Galore, the Bond girl.  Eeee!


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